System Lord of Slytherin: Hathor (hathor_sg1x) wrote in booktraders,
System Lord of Slytherin: Hathor

Lot of 19 Star Wars books for sale

I've got 19 Star Wars books up for sale on ebay. I would like to try and get that amount listed for the buy it now on ebay.

If you don't have ebay I would be willing to end the auction and lower shipping down to 10.00 for you.

If paying through money order I will knock off $2.00 dollars for you.(this is why i hate ebay you lose money from them to sell and if you take paypal another chunk.)

So if paying by paypal: $35.00
Paying money order/cc/pc(must have 50 or more positive feedbacks for PC): $33.00

The auction:

Please check out my selling lj for feedback and other items(got all my dvd's up on ebay also): heathers_junk

P.s. Shipping prices listed are only to US residents. Price will change if out of the United States!
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